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Author: Hannah
Date: 07.12.23

Flesh & Buns is known for its iconic desserts – with our toast-your-own-marshmallow S’mores a firm favourite with guests – but the latest addition to our dessert menu is a little different…

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Hotel Chocolat, to bring two fantastic new cocktails to our guests.

This December, we’re stocking the bars with Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetised™ Creams. Think real melted ethical chocolate, folded into cream, and melded with vodka for a smooth and satisfying spirit.

We gave Flesh & Buns bartender Benny free reign to shake up our cocktail offer with some decadent dessert options, and we can’t wait for you to try them.


Hotel Chocolat Velvetised™ Cream Salted Caramel and Chocolate, vodka, chocolate bitters, sea salt and chocolate shavings

This is billionaire’s shortbread like you’ve never tasted it before. Rich and creamy, without being over-sweet, the Hoteru Chokorēto is the perfect way to toast the end of a Japanese feast.

Hotel Chocolat cocktail with dessert

Hotel Chocolat Velvetised™ Cream Salted Caramel takes centre stage in this cocktail. They never use anything artificial in their recipes – Hotel Chocolat take their salted caramel chocolate and velvetise it with vodka and cream.

Shaken with extra Hotel Chocolat Velvetised™ Cream Chocolate, vodka, chocolate bitters and plenty of ice, the cocktail is finished with a sprinkle of sea salt and chocolate shavings.

Tell us you’re not on board already?

(Benny’s Chocolate Orange)

Hotel Chocolat Velvetised™ Cream Chocolate, triple sec, orange zest gomme, orange bitters

And now for our off-menu bonus treat. Benny’s Chocolate Orange recipe was too good not to launch in our bars – but it’s only for those in the know.

Chocolate Orange cocktail

Ask our team for a Benīchokorētoorenji, and we’ll whip you one up. Our bartenders make their own orange zest gomme – a sugar syrup – which gives this cocktail it’s unctuous orangey notes.

Shaken with Hotel Chocolat Velvetised™ Cream Chocolate, triple sec and orange bitters, this cocktail is the perfect fruity note to end a meal on.


We’re also offering our guests the option to add a shot of their preferred Hotel Chocolat Velvetised™ Cream to any dessert.

Pouring a shot of Hotel Chocolat next to Kinako donuts

The smooth finish of the creams taste wonderful simply poured over ice, and are the perfect moment of indulgence while breaking into a chocolate fondant or toasting a homemade marshmallow.


These cocktails are available at both Flesh & Buns Oxford Circus and Flesh & Buns Covent Garden – the fridges are stocked and the cocktail shakers are on standby.

We’d love to know what you think – so make sure to tag @fleshandbuns and @hotelchocolat in your posts.

And watch this space, Benny has plenty more cocktail ideas up his brightly-coloured sleeves…

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