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What is an izakaya restaurant?

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Flesh & BunsCasual atmosphere

Unlike formal dining settings, izakaya exudes a relaxed and casual vibe. The emphasis is on creating an environment where people can unwind, connect, and enjoy the experience.

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Flesh & BunsShared plates, shared moments

At the heart of the izakaya experience lies the concept of shared plates. The menu boasts a wonderful array of small, flavourful dishes meant for sharing among friends.

This style of dining fosters a sense of togetherness, where everyone can bond over the collective experience of savouring diverse flavours.


Flesh & BunsExtensive drink menu

Central to the izakaya experience is an expansive drink menu. While sake takes a prominent place, an izakaya caters to a range of preferences, offering beer, shochu, and an assortment of spirits. The diversity ensures that there’s something for everyone and complements every dish.

Tenderstem Broccoli with Babu Arare

Flesh & BunsSeasonal specialities

Izakayas often take advantage of seasonal ingredients, ensuring that the menu is constantly evolving.

This not only reflects the richness of Japanese cuisine but also provides patrons with a dynamic and ever-changing dining experience

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Flesh & BunsLate-night socialising

Izakayas truly come alive in the evening, making them popular destinations for late-night gatherings.

Whether it’s colleagues unwinding after work or friends seeking a vibrant atmosphere for a weekend night out, these establishments play a crucial role in fostering social connections.





Yakitori, a beloved izakaya classic, consists of skewers of chicken, expertly seasoned and grilled to perfection, offering a delightful combination of smokiness and succulence.

The term yakitori can also be used to describe other types of meat, seafood or vegetarian alternatives cooked in a similar way. At Flesh & Buns, we call them ‘Yaki’, and we have some amazing options cooked on a robota; short for robatayaki which means ‘fireside cooking’ in Japanese and is similar to barbequing. These delicious dishes include pardon peppers grilled with yuzu miso, chicken with Japanese spices and piglet with rocoto BBQ.



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For a gentle start to the izakaya experience, choose edamame. These vibrant green soybeans, steamed to tender perfection and lightly sprinkled with sea salt, provide a delightful start to the meal. Here at Flesh & Buns, our edamame can either be served traditionally with a sprinkling of salt or, if you’re after a slight kick, why not choose our chilli BBQ option?


Sashimi and sushi

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