A hybrid of poké & donburi

Poké started life as a donburi. Poké-Don is the best of both worlds. Quick, fun, fresh.

Available exclusively from our Oxford Circus Izakaya.

 A hybrid between a traditional donburi and the ever-popular poké.

Quick, easy and delicious – what could be better?! It’s almost lunchtime – better get ordering!

On weekday lunchtimes from 12pm-3pm, you’ll be able to order our 15 Poké-Don bowls our good friends at Deliveroo.

We know how busy you are, so all Poké-Dons will be served to tables within 10 minutes, exclusively on weekday lunchtimes from Flesh & Buns Oxford Circus.

It’s a no brainer when you’re looking for a quick yet delicious lunch, with colleagues or riding solo.

Poké-Don is a hybrid creation between a traditional Donburi and a Poké. Our bowls will be made up of Japanese Peruvian elements and smoked meat toppings, served over warm rice. 

Poké-Don is launching to make weekday lunchtimes a little bit easier! They’re… QUICK, FUN & FRESH.