About Flesh & Buns

Flesh & Buns is the creation of acclaimed chef Ross Shonhan. We are driven by a desire to deliver memorable, standout Japanese-inspired food.

What is Flesh & Buns?

Flesh & Buns is a Japanese Izakaya reimagined for London; a lively, social place, offering drinks and a cross section of delicious Japanese dishes designed for sharing with friends.


What’s the flesh?

A variety of meats, seafoods and vegetables – grilled, fried, roasted or smoked – served with our unique sauces and pickles that you can use to fill your own buns.


What are the buns?

Fluffy steamed bao, popular in Northern China, Taiwan and Southern Japan.


What goes with it?

Snack on anything from maki rolls to chicken wings while drinking our own label sake, cider and beer or cocktails, margaritas and more.  Finish with table-top barbecued s’mores.


I want to challenge people’s perceptions of Japanese food and make it accessible to everyone

Ross Shonhan

Our story

Passionate about Japan, Ross wanted a home for his version of Japanese food and contemporary culture, created specifically for London.

He opened the first Bone Daddies Ramen Bar in Peter Street, Soho, in 2012, followed by the original Flesh & Buns in 2013. We’ve grown a bit since, but we remain small at heart and our menus continue to reflect food trends current in Japan today.

All our restaurants combine original Japanese dishes with Ross’ unique twist resulting in considered, yet incredible tasting food and drink, served to a soundtrack of old school rock.

Our mission to deliver memorable, standout Japanese-inspired food drives everything we do; from ramen to izakaya or yoshoku, signature cocktails or unique desserts, each offers something slightly different, with the guarantee of creative food full of flavour.